I first got into making websites as a tween in the late 1990s. My software engineer-guy dad had just registered his own domain, which I thought was a pretty nifty idea. He taught me some basic HTML stuff, and I was off! I think I signed up for an AltaVista homepage - I remember that they had a neat (well, what passed for "neat" in 1999!) page builder. Back then, my page consisted of quotes from Gone With The Wind and a list of my favorite things.

When I became a big fan of Enya's music in '99 or '00 or so, I decided to change my homepage into an Enya fan site. It wasn't too long after that before I started up a Blackadder fan page. And then I created a Sarah Brightman fan site! So many sites, so many vanity URLs (remember those?). In 2001, my parents decided to get me my own domain - and after much deliberation on my part about what to call it, I settled on ("lunaestas" is a mash-up of the Latin words for "summer" and "moon," which I thought seemed like a cool idea at the time, but now serves as a reminder that I was a dorky teenager.)

Since then, I've opened, closed, and maintained a bunch of different sites and fanlistings on (The Enya and Sarah Brightman pages were wonderful fun while they lasted, as were my Josh Groban page and Kylie Minogue graphics challenge site, among others.) The fanlistings I've owned have reflected my interests through the years, like the Pirates Of The Caribbean-related one I had at 17, or the ones I had for Kylie Minogue songs (also made in my late teens, but I could see myself running them now, actually!).

Today, even with all the years that have passed and all the sites that have come and gone, is still a place to do what I set out to do when I first started getting on the Internet way back when: talk about and share the stuff I love. (A high-tech sort of show and tell!) The Gone With The Wind quotes may be gone, and the list of my favorite things may have changed, but is pretty much the same.