Hi, I'm Deanna!

about me

Hey! I'm Deanna. I'm a registration assistant at a fantastic community college in Maryland and a proud University of Maryland alum with a BA in History and Women's Studies. I love keeping up with pop culture happenings, especially in music.

Music 'n' movies 'n' such

My passion for pop means that I have way too many favorite things! I adore Kate Bush and Kylie Minogue; their music has soundtracked my life for years. As for movies, I love Gone With The Wind (1939) and It's A Wonderful Life (1946) more than words can say. My small-screen faves? Are You Being Served? and Blackadder. Books-wise, Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell) and The Awakening (Kate Chopin) have my heart.

I heart the Internet

All of it. Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Wordpress, you name it, I've signed up for it!

Words of wisdom

Since I'm a pop culture nut, it fits that my favorite quote is the title lyric from a Pet Shop Boys song: "Happiness is an option." The phrase sums up the perspective I try to keep, even - especially! - when things get a bit rough. It's not that I think that happiness is necessarily easy or something that you can simply choose to feel. For me, "happiness is an option" just reminds me that, well, it is! I figure that there's just as much chance that things can go OK as go bad, and I try to err on the side of happy. On the side of hope, and stuff like that. (I talk more about that sort of thing on this rather long history of my experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)

Just for yuks

A few items from memes and surveys I've filled in over the years on Tumblr 'n' such!

Do you want to change your name?
Heck no! I like "Deanna," even though people don't tend to pronounce it right on the first try - my parents had to be special and call me "dee - ahh - nuh" instead of what it looks like ("dee - anne - uh"), lol.
Fave personal belonging?
My iPod! (I finally moved on to the Touch in 2016 after the tragic discontinuation of the Classic.) I love that little thing.
Ambitions for the future?
I just wanna be awesome and do everything, tbh.